Meet the Team

TRX Master Trainer Tag Dundas



  • ZUU Instructor
  • ANKORR Instructor
  • ViPR
  • MEND Physical Activity Trainer

  • BOSU
  • CPR/First Aid


  • TRX® Suspension Training
  • TRX® Group Suspension Training®

  • TRX® Sports Medicine Suspension Training®
  • TRX FORCE® Trainer

  • TRX TEAM BLOCKS® Trainer
  • TRX TEAM® Training Camp
  • TRX Functional Training
  • TRX® Group Rip® Training
  • TRX® Rip® Training

I have been a personal fitness trainer for the past decade. I was a jack of many trades before, but after healing from a life-threatening injury, I was inspired to assist others in the same way that I helped myself. The accident caused a serious brain injury. I could no longer walk, talk, or function on any normal level. In fact, the physicians questioned if I would ever walk or effectively process thought patterns again.

I had to relearn everything. Mentally, I was child-like and had the capacity of a 6 to 8 year old, but, physically, I was in the body of a 30-year old. I felt like Tom Hanks in ‘BIG’. It was a long, hard road, but we always learn the most when we are faced with hardship. I gained so much insight, and learned to appreciate what most of us take for granted—the ability to just live and to purely survive. The saying, ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone’ is very true.

The rehabilitation process was grueling and incredibly humbling, but I pushed my body and mind, attaining the unthinkable. In total, I was in the hospital for three months, and my body weight dropped from 230 pounds to 185 pounds. When I was released, I started going to the gym twice a day just to strengthen my basic muscles. Before you know it, I was back at 230 pounds, but a better me, topping the charts at 230 pounds with lean muscle mass.

I refer to myself as an example of how anyone can overcome their challenges. Since then, I have devoted my life to health and fitness.

BC-fit-presenter 2017 BC-fit-presenter 2017


TNT TRX & Fitness Trainer Kim Conwa

Kim Conway


  • CFES Certified Weight Training Instructor
  • CFES Certified Personal Trainer
  • Emergency First Aid CPR/AED Level C
  • Specialty in TRX: Qualified TRX Suspension Training
  • ZUU Bronze Level Coach

I am thankful for the day my mom signed me up for ballet class when I was 2-1/2 years old because it started my love of movement and exercise. I continued in dance for 13 years and have now moved on to so many other facets of fitness. I love trail running, hiking, yoga, travel and life long learning.  In recent years, I completed the Tough Mudder 3 times which involved facing and defeating several of my own fears.

I have been a 4+ year “veteran” in TNT Fitness classes. The crew here is my 2nd family, challenging and encouraging me to be better and stronger. It has made me feel more alive and engaged in the world and built my confidence in a way that little else can.

I want to help others feel this way!  I am excited to share my passion for fitness and to help others realize their aspirations of becoming better versions of themselves: stronger, healthier and happier.



Colleen - personal fitness trainer



  • CFES Certified Personal Trainer
  • Canadian Red Cross CPR Level A
  • BCRPA Fitness First Aid Certified
  • Weight Training (Level 1)
  • Weight Training Advanced


  • Qualified TRX Group Suspension Training 2013
  • Qualified TRX Team Level 2, 2014

I am passionate about pushing past personal percieved barriers to fitness such as age, size and mobility to realize ANYONE can, with a little effort and commitment, realize taht health and Fitness is less about the destination and more about the journey.

My fitness journey started a few years back when I realized I was not getting any younger and wanted to keep up with my eight children! I had always enjoyed working out and running had become a passion but after a chronic injury left me wondering what to do next, I discovered some NO SWEAT classes at the local gym were fun, challenging and kept my interest.

I coerced my husband and family to join me at tiems and eventually wanted to take it to the next level so found myself taking soem more serious training which evolved into full Personal Trainer Certifcation.

Not long after completing the certification I added a TRX Suspension Training workshop lead by none other than Tag Dundas. I was hooked ans started attending Bootcamps in the early morning. Well, I found the results were amazing. Tag, as a trainer was most encouraging and I definitely found thatn even an older person could discover a greater level of fitness than I had experienced in the 20 years prior.

After accepting the opportunity to join Tag at the TNT Fitness as a Group Trainer I have never looked back. There is even more enjoyment in participating and encouraging others to achieve their better health and fitness and realize their is a lot more potential in each of us than we realize.

Recently, I completed a Tough Mudder and along the journey have a new found passion for trail hiking the local hills and enjoyment of the outdoors.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved with TNT Fitness as it has led to building wonderful relationships, discovering interesting ways to make fitness fun and challenging and most of all, to be able to share the infectious enthusiasm with others.