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Before you can start achieving your goals, we need to sit down over a cup of coffee, de-stress, and discuss your specific needs and goals. This complimentary personal consultation allows us to create a brilliant fitness plan that is designed specifically for you.

We’ll examine your medical history, current fitness level, body type, nutrition, and provide some fitness guidelines. And if you like, we’ll track your weight and fat loss.

The trainers at TNT Fitness are all about motivation. When you feel good, we feel good and we love watching you grow stronger and leaner. There’s nothing like that feeling when you’ve achieved your fitness goals! Contact us for more info.

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$60.00 + GST

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5 sessions
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12 sessions
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Please Note:  All personal training sessions MUST be used within 31 days of purchase.

What is TRX?

Born in the Navy Seals, the TRX suspension trainer is a new piece of equipment that builds functional strength, flexibility, balance and core stability all at same time. This allows you to transfer what you do in bootcamp to what you do in life with ease.

Why Does TRX Work?

When your body is suspended, your center of gravity tries to get as close to the ground as possible. The TRX uses gravity and movement to force your body to adapt and do extra work. This extra work is through neuromuscular responses to the instability the TRX is creating.

TRX Training Classes

Check out our class schedule. Please Note: All our classes are booked through the glofox system. It takes only a minute to sign up – just click the login button in the upper corner of the class schedule.

TRX Introductory Level 1

trx-training-intro-to-trx-classThis class offers Basic instruction for anyone new to TRX training; may be beneficial to anyone coming back from an injury, post pregnancy or for anyone who has never worked out using this type of modality. Each class will include mobility warmup, focus on all the main muscle groups and have a cool down and stretch period.
Once confident with your ability to perform the basics in TRX training and are looking for more challenge you may consider another class as TNT Fitness has the right fit for you.

* Introduction Level 1 class is considered a prerequisite to joining one of the more advanced classes also offered by TNT fitness.

TNT Strong


A low client to coach ratio makes this class perfect for everyone.  Coaches are available to give more 1:1 support to new people as regulars won’t require as much coaching.  Strong class lets you move at your own pace through the stations so you have more time to perfect the movement and load the appropriate weight. Push yourself to your limits with a unique blend of fun, intensity, and camaraderie.

Equipment used: TRX, tires, battle-ropes, plyo-boxes, barbells, and pull-up bars and more.

TRX Yoga Flow

yoga flow class with TRX Suspension

  • Correct the positions you are having difficult getting into or holding
  • Nervous to try some moves? or want to expand your current mobility
  • Never tried Yoga? This is a GREAT way to start!
  • Tone, Shape and Strengthen your core in a peaceful state of mind work on your core as well as stretching those tight muscles.

Through this class we will be using the TRX to help us with our Yoga. By using the TRX it will help find new ways to scale and enhance poses to make yoga accessible and fun for everyone.
The TRX will help deepen the stretches, gain better stability for poses and help accomplish the poses that are challenging.

Rapid Results Training

TRX Rapid ResultsIntroducing the new Rapid Results Fitness Training classes in Abbotsford. A revolutionary new workout using the TRX suspension system, TRX Rip Trainer, ViPR, ZUU, barbells, dumb bells, Bands, and of course body weight exercises. High intensity endurance based interval class. Our Rapid Results class is a fusion of dynamic cardio and strength training . This class is guaranteed to help you tone up, lose weight, and define your whole body from head to toe, with particular focus on core strength.

If this class does not produce results in three weeks, TNT Fitness will refund your money.

Rules: show up to every class and work as hard as you can.