Steve Harrington

I wish I would have listened to Tag and taken ‘before and after pictures’ because I think pictures speak louder than words. My wife was referred to Tag from a friend, so she signed up for personal training and loved it. With Tag’s help, she was able to gain confidence and strength in her workouts. She said she had never worked so hard in her life. She took me to a couple of classes at his studio, TNTfitness, and I really liked them. So, as a gift, my wife bought me personal training with Tag.

My main goal was to work on my legs. I broke my left foot in two places and shattered my ankle plate several years ago. I have always been active and worked out regularly, but since my injury I’ve had very limited mobility with my bad leg. Tag had noticed that my squats looked funny from across the room at my first TNT class and came over to correct me, so when we started training, he know I needed help with my injury. Every session had a friendly atmosphere and Tag’s energy is contagious. He pushes you to get through the grueling workouts, and helps you reach your max. Tag formulated custom workouts that would strengthen my legs while not hurting my injury. Thanks to his training, I got in great shape in a very short time. The mobility that I now have in my injured leg is the best that it has been since my injury.

I finished my personal training with Tag, and now I attend the classes at TNTfitness studio regularly. I can say that, without a doubt, I am the strongest that I have ever been in my life. Tag brings out the best in you, and helps you reach your full potential. If you are serious about getting results, and want to have fun doing it, then Tag is your man. I would recommend him to anyone. Just be ready to get your ass kicked.

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