Kelly Brooks

My name is Kelly Brookes. I am 40 years old and although not in top shape, I love to play hard. I have tried numerous programs with a few different instructors over the years I recently did a TRX bootcamp with TNT fitness.I must say this is one of the best bootcamp programs I have ever been involved in. Tag and his team inspire people of all fitness levels while paying attention to everyone’s form and instilling confidence throughout the program. The shear knowledge and energy levels of him and his team are unsurpassed.

I would recommend this program to anybody, especially people who are new to fitness programs, have physical challenges or those who have plateaued in their current programs and feel they need more of a challenge. Its great to see groups of people of all fitness levels work together in the same class to create a better self. Like breeds like. The support of all classmates to one another is truly a gift. Weather you are 16 or 60, if you have never done TRX or have apprehensions that it is too hard or too easy, what are you waiting for? Jump on board and give it whirl, I guarantee you will love it. Thanks Tag for all you do.

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