TRX Training client - Jenn Stack

Jenn Stack

I would give it more stars if it was an option!! No seriously I would. I cannot say enough about Tag…I came from a place where I was sporty, in shape, strong, full of energy and happy. After 4 kids, each time less pregnancy weight was shed, I was more unhappy with how I felt about my body, I notice a real lack of strength that is required in my job and struggled with that daily. I felt like I had very little energy anymore and poor over all well being. I knew that I couldn’t continue what I was doing and needed to make changes to improve my physical and mental health.

I signed up with a gym and by chance met Tag and took his class. Although I immediately like his demeanour and the class itself… I won’t lie.. I was winded to put it mildly, yet too stubborn or proud to quit!? I had to wait in childcare for 1/2 hour after class to trust myself that my legs wouldn’t collapse going down the stairs with the kids!!! He encouraged me to come again, that it’s tough especially in the beginning, it requires a certain amount of discipline and accountability… But when you want positive changes it takes work … But remember the outcome is worth it!!! I wanted this bad… And I started personal training with him.

I truly believe I would have quit going to the gym and would still be stuck in my rut had I not met Tag !! Yes his workouts are challenging but I always leave knowing I got my money’s worth and I am that much stronger… and there are times I want to quit or not go… But that would not help me change or attain my goals. At the end of each class I’m proud of myself that I accomplished another class, and mentally feel like a million bucks ! He is perfectly tuned to know when to call your b.s and urge you to keep going and push yourself or gently encourage you when you doubt yourself or afraid to try something new.

His belief is so strong in you that you can’t help but believe in yourself and keep going. He gives you an excellent base of foundational techniques for you to build upon so your are always doing the exercises safely and he is always there to spot you. He adds a few new exercises in each class to keep things interesting. He is excellent at demonstrating and communicating what and how to do the exercise and why you are doing it.

My son is now training with him and he has had to re explain exercises, or break them down more, for him to understand how to do it correctly. He always has been patient, kind and understanding. 3 months with Tag… My cardio has improved drastically, my strength is very apparent as I can easily do my job requirements that I struggled with and had to ask for help. My co workers and employer have taken notice so that’s saying something!

I was surprised that I have lost more than 1/2 my goal weight already. But most importantly I feel ALIVE .. I have mental clarity, mood stability, I have energy and I have a sense of well being and good health and I’m happy again…which is most important to me. I also now feel more love and belief in myself. There is a lot personal growth that has gone along with this which I didn’t anticipate or expect.

I highly recommend Tag to anyone from someone wanting to start their journey to a healthier life to world class athletes. He has so much knowledge and so much to offer you. Unlike a gym he is 100% committed and invested in your journey. He wants to know what your immediate and long term goals are and will help you attain them. He sets a course and will be there every step of the way. You just need to put in the work… Another huge plus he is a genuine guy with a huge heart and when you celebrate your small victories of one more rep of a difficult exercise or bigger victories of whatever that is for you… It’s nice to have him right beside you jumping up and down cheering you on with a huge smile and a high five after! If you want change, and your committed to doing it… He is your guy FOR SURE!

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