TNT Fitness reminds me what it was like playing in the park as a kid. It didn’t matter who the other kids were, or what their names even were, you just became friends playing, and had fun! I think TNT is a great place for people to reframe their past experiences with fitness. Feelings like; It’s not fun to work out… It’s boring… I hate working out by myself…. It doesn’t work.

I think people who come try it, will find support, have a fun time, and the workouts always change so it’s not boring! There is NO judgement here. What has been the most impactful part for myself is the community I have found in this group, the friendships. Even if I don’t know everyones name…yet… I still like seeing their faces, and seeing people having a good time.

There’s a variety of classes here that would work well for the introverted or extroverted person. One last piece I want to touch on is how much I enjoy being challenged in my workouts. I’ve experienced breaking past some beliefs I had about what I was capable of, and I always felt comfortable to talk with one of the instructors about how I was doing.

The instructors are there for you and really do coach you while you go through that mental process. They care, and I believe that they each have a unique story as to why they are passionate about this industry. It’s not just about how you will look, it’s how you feel when you believe in yourself. I know it sounds cliche, but that has been my experience here. I love this community, well done you guys!

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