Sukhi Pangli

I’d like to start this testimonial by saying Thank You to Tag. He has been an outstanding trainer and the BEST I have ever worked with. (more…)


Tag is an amazing trainer. He’s been very flexible with his hours, is always upbeat (more…)

Pardeep Atwal

I’ve been working with Tag for 2.5 months and have seen amazing results in that time. During this short time I have lost 23lbs and dropped 3 sizes. (more…)


I’ve tried several different workouts (various fitness classes, P90X, Insanity) but never managed to find one I really enjoyed doing. This all changed after my first TRX class. I’ve just begun my 3rd three-week bootcamp, and though I dread the early morning alarm, I love the way I feel after every class. In the short time that I’ve been attending Tag’s bootcamp I’ve seen an increase in both my strength and endurance. I’ve also noticed my arms and legs are becoming more toned. Tag’s classes are challenging, but his energy and enthusiasm make them fun. I highly recommend TRX classes with Tag!

Meagan Horling

I have never been an athletic person. I was never on any sports teams in high school and never imagined I would be involved in a bootcamp. (more…)


Just have to thank you Tag. This was my first bootcamp and it was fun and energizing. You made sure that I was doing okay and that I kept moving. (more…)


I have joined many fitness classes and participated in various groups… but TNT Fitness bootcamp by far has been my best investment. (more…)