Meagan Storey

Sometimes I need to remind myself of how far I’ve come in my weight loss/fitness journey. (more…)


I have joined many fitness classes and participated in various groups… but TNT Fitness bootcamp by far has been my best investment. (more…)


I joined my wife’s bootcamp with Tag about 8 months ago.  He comes to the school she teaches at and sets up for a group of the teachers and (more…)

singh - TNT Fitness client


“The journey has been marvelous and I am completely sold on the TRX system. With the help of some amazing trainers at TNT Fitness (more…)

Meagan Horling

I have never been an athletic person. I was never on any sports teams in high school and never imagined I would be involved in a bootcamp. (more…)


Just have to thank you Tag. This was my first bootcamp and it was fun and energizing. You made sure that I was doing okay and that I kept moving. (more…)

Steve Harrington

I wish I would have listened to Tag and taken ‘before and after pictures’ because I think pictures speak louder than words. (more…)

Arne Larson

In 2003, I blew out my knee, and for the next 15 years I watched my weight, resting heart rate, and (more…)

TRX Training client - Jenn Stack

Jenn Stack

I would give it more stars if it was an option!! No seriously I would. I cannot say enough about Tag…I came from a place where I was sporty, in shape, (more…)


Kimi Conway

Wow! What can I say… this has been an amazing journey with amazing people (both the trainers and fellow TNTers). Over 4 years now (more…)


I joined the TRX bootcamp at TNT to give myself the push I needed to get back into regular exercise. It was exactly what I needed! (more…)


I’m in the best shape that I have ever been in because of the T-ReX bootcamp. I feel more prepared and ready for my up coming hockey season.


It’s exremely hard work, but there is a great personal sense of accomplishment.


This program is the first exercise program that I have ever completed and returned to. This program has changed the way I think about my body and has encouraged me to continue for years to come.


I enjoyed TRX!! It was greatly beneficial to my overall health.


After doing TRX I have more energy and vigor. I feel stronger and have lost weight as well. A great step on the way to having a healthier lifestyle.


I would encourage anyone who was looking to start a new workout to try this. If they’re like me, then they’ll be hooked. It’s motivating and I can see changes in the way my body looks and works. I feel stronger, and more confident.


I would encourage anyone who was looking to start a new workout to try this. If they’re like me, then they’ll be hooked. It’s motivating and I can see changes in the way my body looks and works. I feel stronger, and more confident.


The TRX Bootcamp gave me a great starting point to amping up my fitness routine. It was a great challenge and well worth the effort. Tag and Randy are great motivators. I’m ready now to get into my regular fitness routine. Thanks guys.


“I was nervous starting TRX classes the first morning because I hadn’t exercised in years. From the very first day Tag and Randy at TNT Fitness made me feel welcome and not embarrassed about my low fitness level. They gave me encouragement to try each exercise, even when I couldn’t manage more than a few reps. As my strength and endurance has increased over the weeks, Randy and Tag have given me the same encouragement to push myself even more. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years and my energy level has really increased. I really appreciate the small class sizes and the individual attention Tag and Randy are able to give. I’ve just signed up for my fourth session of classes because of the positive difference it’s made in my life. Thanks Tag and Randy!”


After the first class I was hooked. TRX has taught me a lot about my overall strength, how to increase it, how poor it originally was and how to get the body I always wanted. I’ve had results that have been above and beyond any I’ve had after months of weights and cardio machines. I love that I can take my TRX wherever I go, never miss a workout and do different exercises every time. Tag has, also, been amazing in pushing me every inch of the way! I’m TRX for life!

If you need more words, I could talk about it every day. I have friends out of the city asking me about it after they see me… When does the next bootcamp start? I might be able to make that my last one before we leave 🙁 .


As someone who is always up to try something new in the fitness realm I was excited to have the opportunity to try the TRX boot camp. What a fantastic workout!! It was a great challenge and provided results in just 3 short weeks. Tag is an exceptional instructor and gifted at motivating participants to the best of their abilities. His energy and enthusiasm, even at 6am, was inspirational! Thanks again and I hope to do it again soon.


Hey Tag, FYI and use if you wish I’ve experienced the following fitness improvements since starting with you and TNT:
Weight loss: 30lbs. (255lbs down to 225 lbs).
Total inches lost: 16” consisting of:
Waist: -4.5”, Girth (belly): -7”, Chest: -3”, Left bicep: -0.25”, Left calf: -0.25”, Left thigh: -1”
I suppose I lost more on my right side too, but really that wasn’t much loss since I’ve also built up some muscle there (THANKS to YOU!)


For those of you that stare and watch, make comments, and have never experienced Trx Bootcamp I strongly suggest you give it a try! Tag is a highly motivated, knowledgeable, easy going guy yet he knows the right time to turn it up a notch. I have participated in many bootcamps and Tag’s Trx Bootcamps is the only bootcamp that I have been 100% challenged from begining to end. The way Tag uses the Trx Suspension Trainer to get results is amazing. He is able to train all parts of the body on many different levels with many different degrees of difficulty. If your just starting out or a Full Time Athlete Tag will find a way to push you to get results.

My back strength and leg strength was noticibly stronger in just one 3 week session. Also, we all forget about those stablizers muscles….you wont forget about them any more after the first class. My forearm and grip strength has also increased dramatically. So stop surfing the net reading other people’s success stories and start your OWN! Give Tag a Call.


Hi Tag,

Thank you again for all the effort you put in to helping people be healthier and fitter, you’re a rock star! Keep it up buddy!

“Since joining TNT fitness a few years ago I’ve lost almost 30 lbs and become a much healthier and lean (more…)