Rapid Results Training

Introducing the new Rapid Results Training classes in Abbotsford. A revolutionary new workout using the TRX suspension system, TRX Rip Trainer, ViPR, ZUU, barbells, dumb bells, Bands, and of course body weight exercises. This class is guaranteed to help you tone up, lose weight, and define your whole body from head to toe, with particular focus on core strength.



If this class does not produce results in three weeks, TNT Fitness will refund your money.

Rules: show up to every class and work as hard as you can.

First Timers please contact us as we like to meet with our clients early and build on fundamental movements as well as get you know you and your fitness levels.

We will also be offering a FREE basic beginner class on October 29th 12:00pm – 2:00pm
($25 usually)
We highly recomend taking this free class if you have no used a TRX and would like to learn.

Drop-In any Class: $15.00 / class

Rapid Results Training classes$125.00 + GST / month

One Month Unlimted of All classes including RRT: $150.00 + GST / month

Mudder Training (classes run every Sunday from January to June)

If you haven’t taken a class with TNT before: $100.00 + GST

If you’ve taken a class before, Mudder training is FREE




Rapid Results Training classes are held at:

#2-34100 south fraser way Abbotsford bc v2s-2c6