Kimi Conway

Wow! What can I say… this has been an amazing journey with amazing people (both the trainers and fellow TNTers). Over 4 years now (more…)


Hi Tag,

Thank you again for all the effort you put in to helping people be healthier and fitter, you’re a rock star! Keep it up buddy!

“Since joining TNT fitness a few years ago I’ve lost almost 30 lbs and become a much healthier and lean (more…)


An excellent Bootcamp functionally training the full body. Get muscle strength and muscle endurance using the TRX Suspension Trainer, Rip Trainer, and ViPR as some of the tools.
This Bootcamp gets an A+++ from me!

Scott K.

Tag is The Mission City Outlaws Jr Hockey Teams personal trainer, the boys love the training and we can see the results on the ice. Thanks Tag keep up the excellent work.


The best trainer for trx training. Have been training with tag for. 4 plus years. Is always challenging. And fun


TNT Fitness reminds me what it was like playing in the park as a kid. It didn’t matter who the other kids were, or (more…)


What an Awesome workout! I’m hooked!!! My husband and 12 year old Son had a great work out as well.


Tag is an amazing trainer. He’s been very flexible with his hours, is always upbeat, and has taught me I can do more than I imagined. Thanks Tag!!

Cris Chapman

Tag is an great instructor and a great person. He manages to push us farther than we though we can go and is able to make sure everyone from the least fit to the most fit (more…)

TRX Training client - Jenn Stack

Jenn Stack

I would give it more stars if it was an option!! No seriously I would. I cannot say enough about Tag…I came from a place where I was sporty, in shape, (more…)

Kelly Brooks

My name is Kelly Brookes. I am 40 years old and although not in top shape, I love to play hard. I have tried numerous programs with a few different instructors (more…)

singh - TNT Fitness client


“The journey has been marvelous and I am completely sold on the TRX system. With the help of some amazing trainers at TNT Fitness (more…)


I have joined many fitness classes and participated in various groups… but TNT Fitness bootcamp by far has been my best investment. (more…)


I joined my wife’s bootcamp with Tag about 8 months ago.  He comes to the school she teaches at and sets up for a group of the teachers and (more…)


Just have to thank you Tag. This was my first bootcamp and it was fun and energizing. You made sure that I was doing okay and that I kept moving. (more…)

Meagan Horling

I have never been an athletic person. I was never on any sports teams in high school and never imagined I would be involved in a bootcamp. (more…)

Pardeep Atwal

I’ve been working with Tag for 2.5 months and have seen amazing results in that time. During this short time I have lost 23lbs and dropped 3 sizes. (more…)


I’ve tried several different workouts (various fitness classes, P90X, Insanity) but never managed to find one I really enjoyed doing. This all changed after my first TRX class. I’ve just begun my 3rd three-week bootcamp, and though I dread the early morning alarm, I love the way I feel after every class. In the short time that I’ve been attending Tag’s bootcamp I’ve seen an increase in both my strength and endurance. I’ve also noticed my arms and legs are becoming more toned. Tag’s classes are challenging, but his energy and enthusiasm make them fun. I highly recommend TRX classes with Tag!

Sukhi Pangli

I’d like to start this testimonial by saying Thank You to Tag. He has been an outstanding trainer and the BEST I have ever worked with. Tag is not only able to help you achieve what it is you want he is capable of providing all of the knowledge and information you need about your body. I have trained one on one with Tag at his studio as well as participated in his Bootcamps. I saw results after just 4 weeks of one on one sessions with Tag and the change continued through bootcamp.

If you are looking to target specific areas or want a full body workout/transformation Tag and TRX are the perfect place to start. This training will kick your a**! Tags training offers a variety of exercises and he’s always changing it up. Perfect for those who are sick and tired of going to the gym and going through the same routine everyday. Tags ability to push you to your limits and allow you to realize you can do anything you put your mind to is amazing.

I would/do recommend TRX with Tag to anyone and everyone I know. Try it and you won’t ever look back!


I started TRX bootcamp 5 months ago (April 2012) and can’t believe the incredible difference it has made in my life. Tag is an amazing trainer. He is enthusiastic and motivating. The class is challenging and Tag pushes you to your limit, but still makes it fun! Since starting the bootcamp I lost 20 pounds and was even able to complete a triathlon. I am so grateful to Tag and the bootcamp for helping me reach my goals!


I’m a 34 year old mom of 6 year old twins. I started TRX about 6 months ago and the change in my body has been amazing! I have abs something I never thought i would ever see after having my twins but thanks to Tag and his personal training TRX skills I have obtained a fitness level I never thought possible.
Thanks Tag for all you’ve done you are one amazing dedicated trainer.

Terry Kitt

”I can’t believe how intense the workout really was. It’s the type of workout men are looking for. Good job and thank you”.

Christine Drew

WOW! What an amazing workout, especially for a group fitness class! Tag is an amazing instructor with so much enthusiasm, motivation and support! I couldn’t believe the difference in my body in 3 weeks. This class would not be the same instructed by anyone else, Tag really makes this class one of a kind!

Jody and Darlene Graboski

I would like to offer this testimonial to Tag Dundas and his TRX training bootcamp. My wife and I joined in October, thinking we would give this a try, and only because the groupon offered was such a great deal. The problem was, in 3 short weeks, we felt so much better that we haven’t been able to quit. We are now entering our 5th bootcamp in a row, and have no intentions of leaving. We have incorporated this into our lifestyle, and we feel great. The guys are very supportive, and the group, slightly different people every 3 weeks, are fun to be around. I would encourage anyone of any age or fitness level to come out and give it a try. You might end up like us, boot camp lifers.

Hey Tag

Me and Dennis are back from Mexico and if you can believe it, I did not gain any of the weight I lost from the belly blast back. That program totally helped me portion food correctly and the junk is gone from the cupboards! It really helped with the mental part of the diet. And you are so right when you say it is a life change not just a diet. We are really looking forward to the New Year and getting back to your class.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year