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    Forget the bells and whistles and nonsense frills. Ignore the lingo that intimidates most of us from even considering a personal fitness regime or joining a fitness facility. At TNT Fitness we focus on the basics, emphasize personal in personal fitness trainer, and dispel common fitness myths.
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Client Testimonials

I joined my wife's bootcamp with Tag about 8 months ago.  He comes to the school she teaches at and sets up for a group of the teachers and always puts on a great work out.
He does a great job of scaling the workouts to everyone's ability so that everyone gets a good workout.  And the workouts never get stale either.  No two workouts are the same so it keeps it interesting and works the muscle groups differently.  I recommend Tag's bootcamps to people of all fitness levels.
chrispic2 Chris
I have joined many fitness classes and participated in various groups… but TNT Fitness bootcamp by far has been my best investment. (more…)
lauren-testimonial-avatar Lauren
Just have to thank you Tag. This was my first bootcamp and it was fun and energizing. You made sure that I was doing okay and that I kept moving. (more…)
Michele-Dohm-testimonial-avatar Michele